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Importance of Medicine

Different organs are found in our bodies with various functionalities. Since these are different organs which work differently sometimes they tend to have complications due to inconsistency in functioning thus someone is pronounced sick. Like say when a person is suffering from heart attack, eye problems, liver failure, joint pain diseases amongst others that’s when treatment is needed so that the person can get back into his normalcy. But due to the food we eat and the lifestyle these complications are at times caused by such, and that’s why people will always need doctors to prescribe some medicine and also some supplements depending with the problem.

Food supplements are good since they are not chemical related and they are very healthy since they are natural. Food supplements help our bodies in fighting any gradual failure like body immune, joint pain, vitamins, anemia amongst others the supplements are to be taken for a longer period than the medicine since they work gradually. Supplements are 100 percent made of food products and are said to be very natural, and by the use of them one can barely have future complications. Intake of supplements tend to be very advisable and very healthy but that doesn’t really mean one cannot take medicines during supplement taking as these are two work differently and mark you supplements are not like medicines. Medicines still have their own merits and they work totally differently from supplements since they are not the same, and that’s why in case of any emergency you are advised to seek medical attention..

There are chronic diseases that may need strong medication and that’s why medicines tend to be made of chemicals that help in fighting chronic diseases. People suffer from different types of diseases and when they get prescriptions it depends on what was found or detected. Complications of the bodies will always differ and doctors will do the tests as this will help them give the right medicine to the patient. There are different types of medicine that is the herbals and the normal medicines.

From experiences some people believe more in herbs since they feel it is natural with no side effects and any chemicals. All medicines are vital since they cure diseases at the end of the day but some people prefer herbs since they believe they are natural and healthy too. Herbs are known to be very healthy no matter how long they are taken. All medicines and supplements are essential for our bodies as all of them tend to work differently and have merits and demerits and before any usage of them all always seek medical advice.

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