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Importance of Scrub Wear

Scrub wear defines a set of clothes that are worn by hospital practitioners and their assistants. They are supposed to be clean and germs free. They were specifically designed for specific hospital staff. The surgeons would normally put on the scrubs before performing an operation.

These garments are no longer secluded for surgeons and personnel in an operation room. You can find scrubs being worn in other settings apart from hospitals. In a case with chances of contamination of garments, scrubs are worn. Scrubs are made so as not to hide infections, easy to clean and cheap to replace.

Physicians, surgeons and nurses usually used to carry out medical procedures without any special gear or garments. There is added clean gear that is usually accompanied with scrubs during a medical procedure. This extra gear also helps in sanitization and preventing infection both to the physician and the patient.

There was special attire that was put on by medical practitioners in the olden times. The garments and instruments were usually sterilized to avoid contamination. The initial garments used in hospital were required to be highly clean and in white. The initial brighter pigmentation of the dressing was replaced by a darker one.

No extra or underlying clothe should be worn with the scrubs. Any other clothing apart from a scrub would probably cause contamination. Scrubs may not be worn by a doctor who is not in the operating room. A surgeon may put on a white coat on top of the special attire in case of no operations. These garments are usually put on by hospital staff who handle patients.

Prisons are also other places where these special attires are used for the purpose of sanitization. Scrubs are designed distinctively and with distinct pigmentation. This difference is usually dependent on the task of the wearer and the nation. Scrubs are usually worn depending on the department in a particular hospital. Children doctors usually put on a special kind of scrub that is attractive to the kids.

Cleaning and sterilization of scrubs is usually taken seriously by hospitals. Cleaning of these special hospital attires is taken seriously and sterility agents are also used while cleaning. There are also scrub caps that are worn together with the scrub. The caps are likewise meant to prevent infection. The idea of scrub caps is not a new initiative but it is still being adopted in modern hospitals. Most of these caps are used in surgery rooms but they also find their use outside. Scrub caps usually range from those which only cover the head to those that cover the whole face. Likewise, the scrubs also come in a variety of color although they are usually worn to match the color of the scrub.

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